Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Magic of Thought Logic Program Highlights

We had a great presentation from Sangita Patel on November 1st about getting your thoughts focused so that you can declutter your life forever. Sangita Patel is a local Organizer and Coach based in West Windsor who serves as the treasurer of the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and is a member of the International Coach Academy and Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) Her company Kalakar Interiors has a website at

I have read several books that touch of the very thing that Sagita talked about. It is important to do some self-analysis to find out why you hang on to things that clutter your life and learn to let go of those thoughts and actions to clear your house and your life which will allow you to do things that you really want to do. Part of this process is goal setting - imagine your life and what you could accomplish for yourself if you were not bogged down by the minutiae of everyday life. You need to set a goal for yourself that is more appealing and more promising than the idea of wallowing in your memorabilia or worrying about where to file your bank statements.

Sangita stressed the need to take care of yourself by clearing the cluttering thoughts in your mind and creating a clean and clear environment where you can learn to "fall in love with yourself."

Sangita suggests the following: "1) Make a list for day-to-day, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and prioritize them; 2) For your daily to-do list: Start with a 3" by 3" sticky note and jot down what is most important just for today. Take one thing at a time and stay focused until it is complete." Using a small piece of paper insures that your list will not be unmanageable to complete in one day. "3) Take frequent breaks in between work/activities and do some stretches or meditation. 4) Thank yourself, Reward yourself and Appreciate your efforts. 5) Focus on your accomplishments, not on what you have not done." Sangita suggests that you should use the SMART method of setting goals - make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based. You can read more about setting SMART goals at and other sites that discuss good management and leadership skills.

"De-cluttering and letting go helps you to trust yourself and others" and realize that you can make sound decisions that benefit you. Learn to delegate what can be delegated and choose the things you want to do yourself that will satisfy you and give you happiness.

Don't forget to come to the library on Thursday, December 1st for the De-Clutter Club's next monthly meeting. Clear out your pantries and bring your unwanted food to donate to the South Brunswick Food Pantry. We will have some refreshments to celebrate our accomplishments this year and discuss realistic resolutions for next year.