Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Get Ready for 2015

Sorry it has been a while since this blog was updated, but our Living Rich Club Meeting is still being held monthly in the library on the first Tuesday of every month. 

Attendance is not what we would like to see for this group; the leader puts in a lot of time each month preparing the information and we would like to share this with as many people as possible!

There will be a binder at the Information Desk in the Library with all of the handouts from 2014 for you to reference and we will be posting the information shortly on our webpage.

We would like to continue this program in 2015 but are considering another time slot that might be more convenient.  Check the Event Calendar at to find out when and where the next meeting will be held or send your preferences to

These are the preliminary topics we are thinking about for 2015.

January – Riches of good health – making diet and exercise work for you

February – Rich with knowledge – budget friendly education (Gale Courses)

March – Growing riches – planting gardens both edible and beautiful

April – Rich with diversity – appreciating the cultures of our neighbors and our world

May – Rich with love – celebrating our families and ourselves

June – Roads to riches of experience – places to go, things to see (Museum Passes)

July – Feng Shui – Learn the basics of the ancient Chinese art of harmony and balance

August – Rich with freedom – our Constitutional rights (with a possible guest speaker)

September – Speech is silver, silence is golden – the arts of conversation, listening and
         appreciating quietude and alone time

October – Spice of life – seasonings new and familiar to enrich your dining experience

November – Rich history – highlights of world history in 60 minutes

December – Rich throughout life – enriching your life at every stage

We would love to get feedback from the public about these topics. 

Other possible topics of discussion about living a rich life might involve ways to stretch your budget by taking advantage of rebates and special offers; online or live auctions; estate sales or running your own successful yard/garage sale; using Free-Cycle and other giveaway or exchange Internet sites; swapping or bartering; lower cost or free leisure activities; or starting and running a successful home-based business. 

We can discuss home help ideas like home food processing, preserving, drying, canning and freezing; homemade beauty and personal care products; or life style improvement by creating a workable schedule and appointment calendar and to-do and reminder lists; ways to reduce stress; and learning to appreciate family, friends, neighbors, pets and wild animals and nature and the Earth in general. 

There are great ways to improve someone else’s life by learning about volunteering, donations of time as well as treasures and care giving that we can discuss or ways to enhance your personal life and leisure time though storytelling, poetry or comedy and humor; older and retro films, radio programs and TV Shows; branching out with International cuisines and traditions; home spa techniques; and appreciating and sharing your family traditions and creating new ones.

And we always can talk about de-cluttering and organizing, particularly by donating your unwanted items, and how to get the most of our clipping coupons.

We hope to see old and new faces in the New Year.  Stay tuned for more information about the dates and times.