Friday, February 3, 2012

De-Clutter Club to Go in a New Direction

We had another meeting of our De-Clutter Club last night and discussed the future of the club. The interest in the club the way it has been running seems to have run it's course. I am going to be changing the nature of this club to include other ways to simplify your life and put dollars in your pocket. A patron has offered to run an Extreme Couponing Club. We discussed this last night at the meeting and it seems that this would be a popular diversion for the group.

I will have a changeover type meeting the first Thursday in March, on March 1, where we will discuss the future of the group. We can brainstorm about the direction it will go by adding in the extreme couponing component and discuss if there are other topics we want to explore.

I hope our regulars will come, that we will see some old friends back again and some new members will join us in planning what will be the best way to use our time.

A reminder from last evening - Jamie Novak, who has been to the South Brunswick library several times in the past few years, will be giving a "Spring De-Cluttering in 3 Simple Steps" program at the Monroe Township Library on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. The program is free and available to non-residents but you must get a ticket from the Welcome Desk at the library before March 10. The Monroe Township library is located at 4 Municipal Plaza, Monroe Township, NJ 08831. There is a map and directions on their website at

We also discussed a few more online resources for de-cluttering that take a little different approach from most of the others. On the website, Organizer Kim Woodland writes about "Organizing for Creativity." She has her own website at where she "writes about using organization in the service of relationships and adventurous experiences. She takes a fresh approach, blending organizing with mindfulness, simple living, and minimalism for a highly focused approach that anyone can use to shape a life that is meaningful to them." Her article can be found at Check out these websites; I think they make a nice segue into the new focus of our group.

Hope to see you all, and some new faces, at the next meeting on March 1, 2012

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