Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Motivated

In my search yesterday, I found a great website for organizing and de-cluttering tips. It is called Online Organizing: A World of Organizing Solutions. I suspect many of you have seen this site at They have a blog, free newsletters, great tip sheets and links to products and services that can help us in our quest to live a clutter-free life! The one tip sheet that I found to be quite handy is The Clutter Control Checklist written and submitted to the site by Ramona Creel. It helps to prioritize some of the things we have discussed such as where to start and how much to retain and how much to throw away. You are able to print out this and other resources but be careful not to add to the clutter by printing too much. It may be better to look at sites like this as motivation tools to get you up and doing. Read as much as you want but don’t worry about storing the information in your cluttered office, or in your cluttered memory! Just like the library, the information is there should you need it but the storage and upkeep of the information is left to someone else! Enjoy!

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