Saturday, June 20, 2009

Professional Organizers on the area

I am working on your request to have another speaker (or two) to give a presentation at the library. Thanks to those who have made referrals of organizers they know...I will be talking with all of them about what programs they offer and bring my findings to the group to discuss. I will also make a copy of the contact information for organizers in the area in case anyone wants some help. If anyone else has a referral to make, please bring the contact information to the meeting and I will add it to the list. I won't be able to say if these people are qualified or make any recommendations, but the Online Organizing site that I mentioned yesterday has a nice checklist to use if you want to hire an organizer to make sure that you ask the right questions. Here is a link to that checklist:

According to the Online Organizing website, there are two recognized organization to which professional organizers can belong: "The National Association Of Professional Organizers or NAPO has been around the longest and is the most recognized name in organizing. The newer International Association Of Professional Organizers or IAPO is another organization dedicated to improving the professionalism of the industry. Both accept members from around the world. There is also a group called Professional Organizers In Canada -- and look for more overseas groups to start up in the coming days." (from FAQs on being an organizer)

But don't feel that you need to hire someone to help. I hope that our group can provide the motivation that we all need and all of the resources that we have at the library and online and tips we can gain from sharing our successes should allow us to be able to tackle this on our own and, as Jamie Novak said in her presentation, "without spending a dime."

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