Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today is the first day...

Today we begin our journey to clutter control! Don't forget tonight at 8:30 - Jamie Novak's free "Bite sized organizing class by phone." Join in the call and get more practical advice to get organized. Visit her website for details: Jamie Novak's seminar at the South Brunswick Public Library last month was a great opportunity to hear first hand many of her organizing tips and solutions; many thanks to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring this event.

Today I was reading The Get Organized Answer Book (Jamie Novak, Sourcebooks, Inc., 2009, pg. 19) about bad habits. Jamie reminds us that "...disorganization is not solely a product of bad habits; you can have great habits and still have clutter. Organization systems that work for you in conjunction with good habits are the keys to success." We will be working on organization systems in our De-Clutter Club, sharing what works and what doesn't. Bring your ideas about how to organize some specific type of clutter - junk mail, clothes, children's toys, magazines, etc. Pick something that is particularly difficult for you - something that you may have had some success with in the past - and share with the group organization solutions you may have tried, whether you have had success or not. We will get through as many of these ideas as we can and continue on this blog or at later meetings.

Join me again here tomorrow and share what is on your mind.

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