Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have continued to read through Elaine St. James' Simplify Your Life and have enjoyed the feelings of possibility that it affords. It is as though she is saying that our very lives are cluttered and by following these simply stated (not simply done) practices of changing our habits and patterns of behaviour, we can become clutter-free to the core...completely without extra baggage and commitment. I can feel the tension leave my body when I envision my life led in this simple, straight-forward manner! But in my knowledge that I need to conquer things one-at-a-time, I find myself with concern on staying centered on these goals through-out the process.

I think that the idea of writing out my goals and keeping them close at hand will be a positive experience. Did any of you complete that task, of writing down what you could accomplish if the time spent dealing with clutter was given back to you? I think that it is really worth doing. I would love to share some of your goals at our next meeting, which will be here before you know it. See if we each can list at least one or two desires to share with the group on August 6th. See you then.

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