Thursday, July 23, 2009

The other three...

The other three categories of clutter that happen, from Michelle Passoff's Lighten Up!, are three situations that are as inevitable as clutter itself and are probably rooted deeper than just a bad habit. The fourth category is stuff that relates to uncomfortable areas of life. This, Ms. Passoff describes as, stuff that relates to some task that you are avoiding or that you dread but one that won't go away no matter how deep you try to bury it. She says on page 17, "clutter increases in direct proportion to the amount of time you ignore a problem. Take action and watch your dread dwindle as your clutter is reduced."

The fifth category Passoff calls hanging onto or dishonoring the past. Into this category she includes photographs, memorabilia - things that remind you of the past. She makes the distinction about these things being clutter or not depending on how you store them and/or display them. Well ordered memorabilia that has been sorted, culled and organized with the goal of being able to have it accessible to share and to appreciate is not clutter; but, having random bags, boxes, drawers, etc. filled with the detritus of the past is not a healthy way to live. The dishonoring comes from keeping this shrine of past accomplishments rather than focusing on the possibilities in the future.

The sixth and final category that causes clutter is indecision and I would venture a guess that indecision is at the heart of most of the clutter in life. Indecision is wrapped very closely with the feelings you get from being overwhelmed when you literally shut down rather than having to make a determination to keep something and find a place where it can be safely and retrievably stored versus discarding the item and possibly have to purchase a replacement in the future. This is where having a goal and a mission about what your life can be like without clutter and what you could accomplish if you were in control comes in handy. It is a benchmark against which you can compare the situation at hand to help you have better, more positive resolve.

I hope that keeping these issues in mind will help you avoid the pitfalls that will come between you and a clutter-free life! I have spoken with a professional organizer about coming to speak at the library. I asked everyone at our last meeting if there was a topic that would be of particular interest to the group. One of the topics that she can speak about is time management. Would that be of interest to anyone? Let me know by commenting on this post. I hope we are all taking advantage of these grey, rainy days to take a bite out of the chore of de-cluttering! Think about how much more you will enjoy that leisurely afternoon in the sun if you have made some headway with the clean-up!

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